Peninsula to Island: Why Qatar May Become an Island

Reporting by Elizabeth Donovan, CNN


(Elizabeth Donovan, CNN correspondent) - Over in the Middle East, there’s a major issue considering Qatar’s lack of allies in the present day. A few years ago, three of its biggest friends - Egypt, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Bahrain - all denounced Qatar and dropped all diplomatic relations with them (Libya, Yemen, and the Maldives eventually joined the boycott.) And the problem does not look like it will be resolved anytime in the near future.

Qatar has been associated with terrorists multiple times and more specifically allowing terror financiers to operate within their borders. This has been the main cause of the Qatar diplomatic crisis that has left Qatar with few allies.

Saudi Arabia has had enough of it’s neighboring country that the heads of state have come up with a plan to build the “Salwa Canal” that would turn the peninsula of Qatar into an island. The project would jointly cost about $750 million with the UAE seconding this canal. 

In the Arab League Crisis Committee, Saudi Arabia stated that they can support Qatar but collectively condemns their “new allies” - terrorist organizations. Saudi Arabia then claimed that they are a “peaceful nation” but still have troops around their border for “protection.” Bahrain then joined in on this and fully agreed with Saudi Arabia’s statements, they defended the placement of the troops saying they are for protection and - somehow - peace.

The building of the canal around Qatar’s border would be disastrous and possibly cause a war. Saudi Arabia said that war was an “unfavorable” action but they may move forward with it if Qatar keeps up with their terrorist-supporting antics. Qatar has been defending themselves condemning Saudi Arabia’s petty plans and saying their own actions do not represent them well enough.