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Delegate Resources

The delegate resources page contains all you need for your preparation before the MB Model United Nation's Conference. Please go through all the relevant material to best prepare yourself for the council sessions.

Introductory Video

If you are new to Model United Nations (MUN), please watch this video for a brief overview about what MUN is about. While MUNs are traditionally held offline, MBMUN wants to bring MUN online to increase its accessibility to youth across the world and to provide MUNers with a more authentic global experience.

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General Resources

Click the following files to view them

1) Delegate Allocations: contains your country and council allocations for the conference

2) Rules of Procedure: explains how the council sessions would be run by the chairs. Please familiarise yourself with it before the conference, especially given the new online format of this conference. We encourage first-time MUNers to watch videos online on mock Model United Nations council sessions to better understand the processes.

3) Position Paper Guidelines: outlines the requirements of the position papers delegates are to submit to their respective chairs before the conference.

4) Code of Conduct: lists appropriate delegate behaviors and actions.

Delegate allocations are out!

Study Guides

United Nations Security Council
Topic: The Ukraine-Russia Conflict

United Nations Development Program
Topic: Ensuring Carbon Neutrality Globally

Press Corps
Pursuing free press and journalism with transparency

Other Resources

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Foragear Chrome Extension

This free chrome extension helps you when researching on topics for any upcoming MUN conference, to help speed up your search. Foragear highlights keywords and phrases in webpages and auto scrolls to the first key phrase. This addresses the pain of finding and navigating to relevant sections in long webpages. 


Skillshare (1 free month): MUN 101 course

In this short 1h course prepared by Munbank, learn more about the world of MUN and its rules of procedure to prepare yourself for any upcoming MUN conference. This link also provides you with 1 free month of Skillshare premium so you can check out other premium courses on the site. (remember to cancel it before the 1 month is up if you do not wish to be charged).

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