Qatar refuses any agreement with Saudi Arabia

Reporting by Khaoula Chatt, Fox News

Image by طفاف ابوماجدالسويدي

“Qatar refused to discuss any further agreement with Saudi Arabia regarding the water intoxication caused by Saudi Arabia’s gas in Qatar and Bahrain’s waters.”


“The focus of the discussion was to find a common ground where all Gulf countries could benefit from the resources and contribute to the economics of the area”, reported Saudi Arabia’s delegate to Fox News.


During the Arab League council session, Saudi Arabia emphasized its aim to build the so-called “development project”, which consists in building a canal along its border with Qatar. 

According to the delegate of Saudi Arabia, the main goal of the canal would be to increase and facilitate trade, strengthen security and push all GULF countries to contribute to the economics of the area.

The idea enticed the members of the Arab league, starting with Qatar who, despite being outcasted by this decision, viewed the canal as an opportunity to regain the trust of its neighbors after being accused of supporting terrorist organizations, meddling in other countries internal affairs, and their relationship with Iran in the past. 

Qatar gladly suggested buying shares at Saudi Arabia’s development project and contributing to bringing this idea to life with the goal of decreasing her own interactions with other countries such as Turkey.

Bahrain, on the other hand, couldn’t put this idea down; Saudi Arabia’s proposed canal would be a great link to promote trade and nourish security as well as fight against terrorism between all Gulf countries, especially UAE, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. 

The countries almost closed a deal, until the water intoxication problem arose to the surface. Both Qatar and Bahrain’s water was affected.

Saudi Arabia, considering its activities a relatively direct cause for the water intoxication happening through its entourage and the borders with both countries, tried to suggest solutions and insights that would help decrease the situation, only to have Qatar fully refuse to lead any further discussion or agreement regarding this matter and the whole gulf countries common goals. Qatar ended the talk by pointing out that it would rather start a new water treatment system despite the cost than discuss this matter with Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain's delegate tried to calm the situation stating that it would rather let Saudi Arabia take full responsibility and find a solution for the shared waters. The delegate stated that “it’s not viable to start a new water treatment system and the latter would require much time and effort to be done”. Qatar is the richest country of all its neighbors and offered full help and support to Bahrain in order to start the water treatment system and not reach out to Saudi Arabia for any further help or solution.