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MB Model United Nations Conference 2020 Summer)

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Position Paper Deadline

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The Conference

Date and Time (please convert this to your local time):
3 July: UTC 0945-1415
4 July: UTC 0950-1415
5 July: UTC 0950-1415
Platform: Free Conference Call. 
Registration fee (early bird): US $13 (till May 25)
Registration fee (normal): US $16 (till June 6)

Group (3+) Registration (early bird): US 12 (till May 25)

Group (3+) Registration (normal): US $15 (till June 6)

Certificates and Awards

Awards (eg. Best delegate, outstanding delegate, honorable mention, best position paper) would be given out to winners as a signed soft copy.

All participants would receive a certificate of participation.

We will distribute a "Best Large Delegation" award. 

Papers submitted after 30/07/2020 will not be eligible for the "Best Position Paper Award".



Delegates' should be 13 to 21 years old only

Medium of communication: English only​

Conference Schedule


Position Papers will be due to your Chair's emails by 30/06/2020.

Day 1

0945-1000: Call starts for lobbying and to allow delegates to solve any technical issues 

1000-1005: Opening Ceremony

1005-1200: Council Session 1

1200-1210: Break

1210-1400: Council Session 2

Day 2

0950-1000: Call starts for lobbying and to allow delegates to solve any technical issues 

1000-1200: Council Session 3

1200-1225: Break

1230-1415: Council Session 4

Day 3

0950-1000: Call starts for lobbying and to allow delegates to solve any technical issues 

1000-1200: Council Session 5

1200-1225: Break

1230-1400: Council Session 6 

1400-1415: Council Debrief

1415-1430: Closing Ceremony and Awards Presentation

*All times are given in UTC (please convert it to your local time)

*For all days, delegates may wish to continue the call for lobbying or discussions after council sessions.


1. How does an online Model UN Conference work?

Please refer to the 'Rules of Procedure (ROP)' document detailing the council session protocol. We have adapted the standard offline MUN procedures to an online format. 


2. Is there anything different from conventional MUNs I need to have to participate?

A reliable and strong internet connection, earpieces/ headphones, microphone (if built-in laptop microphone is unreliable or unclear). 


3. How can we prevent connection issues?

Council sizes are kept small (10 -15 delegates), allowing debate to proceed smoothly with minimal technical glitches. Moreover, there would be no webcam use during council sessions and only audio would be present, so as to prevent lagging.

4. What is the conference payment for?

Firstly, the payments ensure that delegates who sign up are present for the conference, as no refunds are given if a delegate absents himself/herself. Secondly, the payments are used to keep the Munbank website running year-round, to pay for web hosting and domain costs. Thirdly, funds are used to further improve Munbank's services to MUNers worldwide and to increase our global reach with advertisement expenses.

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