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Munbank Model United Nations
Edition X
 July 2024 

An Edition of Excellence

Conference Information

The Munbank Model United Nations Conference (or, MBMUN for short) is an annual Model UN conference held online for delegates of all nationalities. Since our inception in 2018, we've welcomed over 300 delegates from the United States, Singapore, Pakistan, Taiwan, India, Australia, South Africa, and many more. We are a pioneer in the realm of online Model UN, and our diverse Secretariat makes us one of the only online conferences to deliver a truly global experience in the post-COVID 19 debate circuit.

The 2023 annual conference will be held in July through Zoom. Certificates and awards will be given to delegates who show exceptional performance in committee debates.

MBMUN 2024 Conference Details

Coming Soon !  


2023 Conference Schedule (KST)

Day 1 ( July 2023)

10.00 am Introductions & Opening Ceremony

10.30 am Council Session 1

2.00 pm End of Day 1

Day 2 (July 2023)

10.00 am Pre-Council Lobbying

10.30 am Council Session 2

2.00 pm End of Day 2

Day 3 (July 2023)

10.00 am Pre-Council Lobbying

10.30 am Council Session 3

12.30 pm Awards Deliberation/Feedback

12.45 pm Closing Ceremony

1.00 pm End of Conference

All times are given in KST.


How does an online Model UN Conference work?

MBMUN adopts the standard Model United Nations rules of procedure, albeit through an online medium (i.e. Zoom). Moderated and unmoderated caucuses, the general speakers' list, and opening speeches are still moderated by the chairpersons of a committee. Certain features such as note-passing have been replaced with online functionalities, for instance, usage of the Zoom chat. You may refer to the MBMUN ROP document for more information.


What do I need to have to participate in MBMUN?

You will need to have a reliable internet connection, access to the Zoom application, and a clear set of speakers and microphones. 


Where can I register?

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