About MB Network

MB Network is a growing network of Munbank-affiliated conferences. To further democratize MUNs and increase their reach, we work through a growing network of regional conferences. We are looking for long-term partnerships with schools and organisations to support them in organising annual online regional MUN conferences.

How it works

As the first (or first few) to organise full-fledged online MUN conferences, we hope to share our expertise with you. Here is how we can help:

  1. We provide general guidance and advice in organising the Munbank-affiliated conference

  2. We help with the publicity of the Munbank-affiliated conference 

  3. We provide the delegates, chairs and secretariat of Munbank-affiliated conferences access to learning resources

What we are looking for schools, organisations or clubs that:

  1. Have experience organising MUNs or have a pool of experienced MUNers

  2. Able and willing to organise annual regional MUN conferences year after year with no issues with ensuring continuity

  3. Looking to set up a Munbank-affiliated online MUN conference at a regional level anually

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