Reporting by Jing Qi Ying, Xinhua News


UNHRC, Dec. 17 (Xinhua) – The first day of debate proved fruitful to the countries in the UNHRC, with delegates banding together to form one bloc with Myanmar at its helm.

It is heartening to see China working with countries that may have opposing views to promote such great causes. China’s benevolence could be felt in the council as they worked with fellow countries on this heavy topic.

One objective of the bloc is to ensure that victims of sexual slavery are not held as criminals. To this cause, China agrees wholeheartedly.

Early in the council, the issue with the lack of education regarding restaurant owners and owners of small businesses was brought up by the delegate of Myanmar. Lack of education, an issue the CCP has tackled well, leads the owners of small businesses to unknowingly support modern day slavery. This is a pressing issue that is ever prevalent in Myanmar and one the countries hope to solve in the draft resolution they plan to introduce tomorrow. 

China maintains that the respect for sovereignty and independence of each country are held in utmost importance when ensuring human rights and hence will refrain from supporting any policies that interfere with its internal affairs. 

One delegate wrongfully accused China on using slavery to produce consumer products. To this, China brings up its laws against forced labour. Article 244 of the 2011 amendment of the Penal law prohibits “forcing another person to work by violence, threat or restriction of personal freedom”. China is dedicated to eradicating forced labour and enforces strict rules on that. 

China plays a crucial part in reducing modern day slavery and will work with the other countries towards building a future where slavery is non-existent, in the following days, China will be continuing its efforts to combat this serious issue and provide ways so that this issue can be reduced and possibly eradicated in places such as Myanmar and India.