Reporting by Jing Qi Ying, Xinhua News

Trash on Beach

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees started off today with an energetic start. Firstly, there was debate on verification from climate refugees. The delegate of the UK brought up the issue of the credibility of climate refugees and the possibility of citizens of affected countries going to their government for aid although unaffected by the natural disaster.

This prevents aid from reaching those who were actually affected and will delay efforts to help those in need due to the disaster.

China thinks that although the delegate of the UK does have a point, this issue is not relevant to its internal affairs. This is as China has a very secure and reliable social credit system put in place. 

The social credit system will ensure that when a crisis occurs, the Chinese people will refrain from attempting to cheat the government of funds. However other countries without such a wonderful system put in place may face issues. 

Another topic covered by the council is the support of programs to reduce the impact of natural disasters. Methods such as introducing rainwater harvesting and flood zone laws were brought up by the delegates. China is supportive of these ideas and has already implemented them even before it was brought up by the delegates.

China has adopted water harvesting as a useful tactic to combat droughts since the 1990s and it has proven extremely useful. China is generous and open to providing help to countries who need it. In 2010, China held a rainwater harvesting training for developing countries. 

Since 1997, the flood control law has been implemented in china. These laws are extensive and consist of many effective ways of helping to reduce floods which is a problem present all around the world. China leads the effort to combat these modern day problems. 

Not only does China have adequate infrastructure and preparations for any natural disaster that may occur, China is also unselfish and unsparing when it comes to helping other countries.