Democratizing access to Model United Nations (MUN)

Munbank at a Glance

Vision: A world with international-minded youth aware of global social, political and economic issues

Mission: Democratize access to Model United Nations (MUN) and enhance the MUN experience

To achieve this, we run the following programs:​

  • MBMUN: an international biannual online MUN conference

  • MB Resources: a free database of MUN documents

  • MB Times: one-stop news resource

  • MB Network: a growing network of affiliate MUN conferences worldwide


MBMUN, Munbank's flagship programme, is an international biannual online Model United Nations (MUN) conference. Here, we offer the opportunity for youth from across the globe to interact and debate on internationally-pressing issues, acting as delegates and representing the national interests of various countries in debates. Participants will research on a specific global issue, write a position paper, debate and come up with solutions in the form of draft resolutions.


MBMUN's Goals:

  • Empower Youth​

    • Increase global understanding and awareness

    • Develop confidence and oratorical skills

    • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Increase Accessibility

    • Reduce fees by bringing the conference online​

    • Anyone with financial difficulties would have all fees waived

    • Allow youth from geographic regions without conventional offline MUN Conferences to experience and benefit from such a conference

  • Improve the MUN Experience

    • Build friendships and ties among youth from across the globe

    • Expose youth to a wider range of perspectives and ideas by allowing for debate between youth of different backgrounds

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MB Resources

A free database of Model United Nations documents


Quality Control

All resources in Munbank are vetted and reviewed by our experienced academic team, so that you get nothing but the best.


Anytime, Anywhere

Our resources are online and compatible across multiple devices, so you can access them anytime, anywhere.


Endless Resources

Our resource database are contributed by MUNers across the world. It contains position papers, draft resolutions, agendas, study guides and others.

MB Times

A one-stop news feed on global news, international and current affairs.

Got a minute? MB Times is designed to show the latest news at a glance. Waste no time to stay updated on the international and current affairs to be a globally aware MUNer. We take global news highlights from a variety of reputable news organisations including The Diplomat, Huffington Post, Al Jazeera, BBC News, World Affairs Journal and UN News.


MB Network

A growing network of Munbank-affiliated conferences

To further democratize MUNs and increase their reach, we work through a growing network of regional conferences. We provide consulting, publicity and technical help to these conferences while encouraging collaboration among the regional and global MUN community.

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