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An International, Online Model United Nations Platform

At a glance

Munbank is a global platform for beginning and intermediate Model United Nations (MUN) enthusiasts to hone their skills of diplomacy, public speaking, and critical thinking. First hosted in 2018, our flagship MBMUN conference is a pioneer in the online Model United Nations circuit, paving the way for many of the online conferences held during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to MBMUN, which we run annually, we are hosting our first ever Munbank Summit in December 2023. Our website is also a resource bank for delegates of all levels. Our vision is to increase the number of youths interested in sociopolitical issues, and to provide open access to anyone looking to break into Model UN as a hobby.

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MBMUN is our flagship online Model United Nations conference. Over the course of 2-3 days, participants at MBMUN take on the portfolios of state ambassadors, debating on political issues in a simulation of regional and global assemblies, such as the UN Security Council, UN Human Rights Council, and select crisis committees.


Since our inception, we've welcomed delegates from South Korea, India, the United States, Singapore, and many more countries, and have helped hundreds of delegates break into Model UN.

Munbank is an organization dedicated to the promotion of debate and the development of public speaking & policy-making skills. Our mission is to foster an environment for ambitious minds to come together - hence our innovative new event, Munbank Summit.

We are currently working to make our vision a reality with the first ever Munbank Model Congress, which will take place from 15-17 December 2023. For more information about our upcoming Model Congress and how to get involved, please visit the link below.

Munbank Summit


A Free Resource Bank of Model United Nations Materials


Quality Resources

All Munbank resources, which include sample position papers, resolutions, and study guides, are carefully selected by our in-house editorial team.


Anytime, Anywhere

Our resources are online and are available to download, no sign-up needed. Whether you're preparing a position paper or at a conference, you can access our materials.


Globally Sourced

Our resources are contributed by seasoned MUN delegates across the world. We have materials from Chicago, Singapore, India, Malta, and more.

Stay up to date on future editions of MBMUN.

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